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Climb the Ladder

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Spelling is a skill that is learned through daily, meaningful practice. Teaching students how to spell is different from teaching them to memorize words in order to spell them. Students should be taught spelling patterns that they can practice on lapboards or paper. Climb the Ladder is a tool for teachers to use, to collect formative and summative assessments, to determine if their students are making progress in their spelling skills. Your students will work hard to reach that top heart!

Pages: 41
Format: PDF
Subjects: Spelling, Spelling Patterns, Language Arts
Key Concepts: Formative and Summative Assessments, Spelling, Spelling Patterns, Data, Base Words With Endings, Word Families
Grades: PK-2
Materials: Climb the Ladder Spelling Worksheets, Word Lists of All Special Spellings, Long Vowel Rule & Special Spellings Posters

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