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I Can See Fall!

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A quick and easy book for beginning readers.  Just print and it is ready to go!  Students will gain confidence as they read this text supported with fun fall pictures.

Project the large colored pages of this booklet on your whiteboard to teach students the story pattern of the book. Students can then make and read their own smaller version.  This activity reinforces not only book patterns, but also one to one tracking, picture clues, sight words, counting and number words.  The worksheet is an activity to practice counting and writing numbers.

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Pages: 21
Format: PDF
Subjects: Language Arts, Math
Key Concepts: TapNRead, Story Patterns, Tracking, Picture Clues, Plurals, Sight Words, Counting, Number Words, Writing Number Words
Grades: PK-2
Materials: B/W Booklet, Color Posters, Counting Worksheet

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