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Turkey Patterns: Thanksgiving Craft Project

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Practice math patterns and celebrate Thanksgiving with this fun turkey craft. The ability to recognize, extend and create patterns is an essential skill.

This activity also gives practice with sequencing, cutting and following directions. Includes several template variations for differentiation of ability, age and difficulty. 

Practice in counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, Odds, Evens, Letter Patterns, Colors, Ordinal Numbers, or create your own with the blank template.

The perfect activity for the short Thanksgiving week!


Pages: 43
Format: PDF
Subjects: Math, Art, Craft
Key Concepts: Patterns, Craft, Thanksgiving, Scissor Skills, Sequencing, Listening, Following Directions
Grades: KG-2
Materials: Templates for feathers and turkey head, Fun Bands

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