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Code the Robot: Introduction to Variables and Conditionals

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Code the Robot is a fantastic, screen-free introduction to two of the basic building blocks of coding: Variables and Conditionals. This activity will challenge students to follow along the computer code provided to cut, color, and assemble the robot pieces according to the coded instructions. Your students will have fun learning about what engineers do. Includes addition and subtraction problems in basic and advanced levels, along with large demonstration lesson, vocabulary cards and matching worksheet. 


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Pages: 23
Format: PDF
Subjects: Computers, Technology, Math, Art
Key Concepts: Coding, Variables, Conditionals, Following Directions, Whole-Brain Thinking, Problem Solving, STEM, Thinking, Sequencing, Hands-on and Developmentally Appropriate, Craft, Technology  
Grades: K-5
Materials: Robot Templates, Programing Chart, Formative Assessment, Vocabulary Cards

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