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Coding for Kids: 10 Screen-Free Activities to Teach Beginning Coding Skills

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Coding strengthens whole brain thinking. It encourages analytical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to look at a large problem and and break it down into more manageable parts in order to find the solution. Finding solutions to problems is a skill that requires creative thinking. This 52-page packet of 10 activities is a great introduction to coding beginning skills. They are designed to be hands-on and screen free, keeping students engaged and excited. No programming knowledge or experience required, and no computers required!

"This resource has made my life much easier! My class was really excited to not be learning the "same old, same old", and were happy to show their parents what they were learning at school for once! One of my students actually signed up for a coding class after school because she loved it so much!" 
- Lindsay R.


Included Activities: 

  1. Binary Coding Chart
  2. Code Your Name (Easy, Medium, & Hard)
  3. Coding Art Project 
  4. Binary Bead Bracelet
  5. Map the Pathway
  6. Code the Pathway Cards
  7. Code the Pathway Template
  8. Color Coding
  9. I Have Who Has
  10. Find the Path (We’re Going on a Bear Hunt / Monster Treats)

Pages: 52
Format: PDF
Subjects: Computers, Technology, STEM, Reading, Art
Key Concepts: Coding, Following Directions, Whole-Brain Thinking, Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Sequencing, Hands-on and Developmentally Appropriate  
Grades: PK-2
Materials: Templates, Coding Chart, Task Cards, I have Who Has Game, Coding Worksheets

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