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Holiday Coding: A Screen-Free Introduction to Computer Graphics

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Get into the holiday spirit while learning how to code! This packet of 5 Christmas-themed activities is a great introduction to coding beginning skills. They are designed to be hands-on and screen free, keeping students engaged and excited. No programming knowledge or experience required, and no computers required! 

"My class was really excited to not be learning the "same old, same old". One of my students actually signed up for a coding class after school because she loved it so much!" 
- Jenn B.


Included Activities: 

  1. Binary Coding Chart
  2. Coding Riddles
  3. Decode the Picture
  4. Follow the Coded Path
  5. Coding Dot-to-Dot
  6. Coding Mystery Picture
  7. Coding Rock Star Fun Bands

Be sure to check out the Coding for Kids bundle of 10 screen-free activities to teacher beginning coding skills!

Pages: 12
Format: PDF
Subjects: Computers, Technology, STEM, Art
Key Concepts: Coding, Following Directions, Whole-Brain Thinking, Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Sequencing, Hands-on and Developmentally Appropriate  
Grades: PK-2
Materials: Coding Chart, Coding Worksheets, Coding Fun Bands

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