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Bundle Up!: 15 Winter-Themed Activities

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Bundle Up! Its cold out there! This amazing bundle of fifteen quick and ready-to-go activities will keep your students busy and excited on those long winter school days—with little preparation needed! Activities can be adapted to grade levels and differentiation for students. Reading and language arts, math and science standards are covered. Great to have on hand for those last few minutes of the day or when you have a substitute in for the day.


Activities included for reading and language arts and math:

  1. Synonym Match
  2. Antonym Match
  3. Rhyme
  4. Writing Template
  5. Adjective Poem
  6. ABC Order - 3 Levels
  7. Word Scramble to create 2, 3, 4 and 5 letter words
  8. TapNRead Animals in Winter Booklet
  9. Temperature Chart
  10. Three number levels of I have, Who Has
  11. Easy and Hard Addition and Subtraction Worksheets
  12. Relay Race - Roll, Graph, Count, Record Data and Answer Questions
  13. Coloring Sheet for Numbers and Colors
  14. Dice Addition Template
  15. Domino Addition Template
Pages: 63
Format: PDF
Subjects: Reading, Language Arts, Science, Math
Key Concepts: Synonyms, Antonyms, Rhyme, Writing, Poetry, ABC Order, Word Sorts, TapNRead Early Reader, Numbers, I Have/Who Has?, Addition, Subtractions, Graphing, Data, Counting, Colors, Animals in Winter, Sorting, Temperature Chart, Classification, Formal and Summative Assessments and Games
Grades: PK-2
Materials: Writing Template, oem Template, Poems, TapNRead Reader, Number Cards, Vocabulary Flashcards, Graph, Activity Sheets, and Teacher Directions

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