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More or Less Game

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The More or Less Game is a super simple game that students love to play. It is a game of “war”, with an added twist. Students can play in teams of two, three, or four. Each player gets a different set of colored cards for easy sorting at the end  The more or less cards are placed in the middle and after each player has laid out a card and named it, the more or less card is turned. If it says more, the player with the highest card wins all the cards. If it says less, the player with the lowest card wins all the cards. The exciting twist comes at the end to determine the winner!

Pages: 54
Format: PDF
Subjects:  Math
Key Concepts:  Number Sense, More Than/Less Than, Number Recognition, Games
Grades:  PK-2
Materials: Game Directions, Four Sets of Color Coded Number Cards 1-100, Exit Ticket

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